Top 5 Essentials for College

Hi, welcome back to my blog!

Today I wanted to share with you my top 5 essentials for college! While freshmen in college might benefit the most from this since they’ve never been to college before, this post can help out anyone in any year! Enjoy!


You will get sick in college. During my freshman year, I got pneumonia. Not fun. While you might not get something as serious as that, colds travel fast. College is basically a cesspool of germs (i know, so gross) so be prepared and bring a lot of cold medicine, cough drops, etc.


As a Freshman, there’s a very high chance where you live will involve communal showers. That means there’s a lot of different people using the same shower as you, and you definitely do not know where they’ve been beforehand. Save yourself from some kind of infection and wear shower shoes.


Putting a bra into the washer/dryer with all of your other clothes is not a good idea. They will get everything all tangled, and the hooks can even poke holes in some of your clothes, which I know from experience. Put your bras in a mesh bag and then throw that in the laundry with your clothes. It keeps them separated and tangle-free! I use reusable cotton pads for my face to take off my makeup/use toner, and I pop those into a mesh lingerie bag to put in the laundry as well!


Buy more than you anticipate using. Every year at school I end up acquiring more things I want to hang up in my room so having extra command hooks already in my room is so helpful! Plus, sometimes if you didn’t put them on well enough or the temperature makes them lose their stickiness, things will fall and you’ll need to replace them!


Pack one good business/business casual outfit. During my freshman year, one of my classes required business casual clothes for our final presentation. I had no idea what business casual even meant and had to frantically call my mom asking for help! Save yourself the stress and have at least one solid outfit with you in case you need it for a presentation or interview.

There are so many things that are helpful in college, but these are my top 5! I still use these (minus the shower shoes) in my junior year and know I will again for my senior year.

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What are your college essentials?

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