25 Things I Love About Christmas

Hi! Welcome to Blogmas day 8!

Christmas is just 10 days away and I can’t wait. Christmas is my favorite holiday because it basically lasts an entire month long. There are just so many things I love about Christmas, and today I’m sharing with you 25 of them!

  1. Baking Christmas cookies
  2. Spending time with family
  3. Christmas Eve
  4. Cooking Christmas Eve dinner
  5. Putting up decorations
  6. Picking out a Christmas tree
  7. Shopping for gifts
  8. Listening to Christmas music
  9. When it snows on Christmas morning
  10. Seeing houses with Christmas lights up
  11. The Christmas cheer in the air
  12. Watching classic Christmas movies
  13. Watching and giggling at Hallmark Christmas movies
  14. Wrapping Christmas presents
  15. Coming home for Christmas break
  16. Wearing Christmas sweaters
  17. Building (or attempting to build) a gingerbread house
  18. Drinking hot chocolate
  19. Drinking peppermint mochas
  20. Having a fire in our fireplace
  21. Hanging stockings on the fireplace
  22. All of the yummy desserts
  23. Getting more fuzzy socks as a gift
  24. Watching someone open the gift you were so excited to give them
  25. Being excited about Christmas all month long

What do you love about Christmas? Let me know in a comment below! Also, if you liked this post, be sure to head to my homepage and subscribe to emails and follow me on Instagram @mainly.mackenzie!

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