How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Hi! Welcome to Blogmas Day 9!

During the holiday season, I always get some stress when it comes to staying healthy. It can be difficult to stick to your health goals when constantly surrounded by good food and yummy treats. It’s also the time of year when I feel like everybody around me is sick. Today I’m sharing with you 5 tips to stay healthy during the holidays!


The holiday season is always a stressful time of year. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Sleep helps your body rest and restore which helps your muscles, and it helps your immune system. I always find that I tend to get sick when I’m not sleeping as well as usual. Make sure you’re getting enough rest so you can reduce stress and improve your body’s functioning!


I know during this time of year I’m faced with final exams, flying home, shopping for Christmas presents, and a major urge to hang out on the couch the entirety of break. But I still find time to keep myself active. I know I become a little more relaxed with what I eat during the holidays, so working out is very important. Take the family for a brisk walk around the neighborhood, grab a friend and head to the gym, or find a YouTube workout video to do in your living room; there are a lot of different options!


If I could give people one tip for their entire life, it would be to drink a lot of water. It helps your body with so much. Plus, during the holidays if you want to be healthier, drinking water instead of something like soda which has ridiculous amounts of calories, you can help yourself to consume fewer calories throughout the day. We also sometimes mistake thirst for hunger. Think you may be hungry for a snack? Try drinking a glass of water and see if you’re still hungry 5 minutes later.


When I’m trying to eat healthier, I don’t keep any unhealthy snacks around my house. Buying healthy snacks will keep you on track with your eating and stop you from eating a ton of unhealthy snacks between meals.


All in all, don’t stress yourself out too much when it comes to your diet and exercise routine. Just try to keep things normal throughout the season. You won’t gain 25 pounds after your Christmas dinner. Skipping a workout the day before Christmas because your family is in town won’t ruin your progress from the whole year. Just make sure to stay on track before and after the holiday, and enjoy your time with good food, good company, and good cheer.

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