My February Top 5

Hi! Welcome back to my blog!

I feel like I just finished writing my January favorites, I can’t believe February has already come and gone! February was a pretty good month for me; my spring semester began, I gave up fast food for all 28 days, and was pretty productive every day! January I wrote about the top 5 things I had been loving I want to keep up the tradition! I also want to start incorporating a little monthly blog recap as well!


My January Top 5

Valentine’s Day Self Care

10 Tips for Being Productive in College

I tried to get a post up once a week this February. I missed one week but I’m determined to get a post up every single week in March. If you ever have any blog post requests, don’t be afraid to leave them in a comment here or send me a DM on Instagram!

Now, time for the things I’ve been loving lately. Here are my top 5 things from February, enjoy!



The start of a new semester threw a wrench in my gym schedule and I have slowly been figuring out what workout and gym routine works best with my class schedule. To combat the craziness and to take away the stress of figuring out times to go to the gym I did a lot of at-home workouts this month. Every single workout that I did at home was a video from PopSugar Fitness on Youtube. They are so fun and they have such a big variety that I could find something for every workout mood I was in.


When I was home for Christmas break I found these old heart-shaped sunglasses in my bedroom that I had from high school and decided to bring them back to school with me. This past month I started wearing them basically every day. They have become my favorite sunglasses to wear and they add a little extra something-something to a plain outfit!


The trend of #communityovercompetition became popular during February, and I loved it! Bloggers easily can get caught up in the comparison game so being reminded that it’s a blogging community and we are all here to build connections and support each other is really nice. I want to incorporate community and spreading love and support more on my Instagram. One great thing that came from this trend was Community Creators, a community-based Instagram page and a Facebook group created by fellow blogger Kristen Shane!



I wrote in my 2019 Goals post that I planned on keeping track of my goals in a bullet journal. I’ve been doing just that and love it! I find setting up my monthly trackers to be so fun! The past two months I’ve only used it to track my books, workouts, and salads (my three goals for the year) but I want to start making more trackers and weekly spreads in upcoming months.



This past month I have rekindled my love for Halo Top ice cream. I hadn’t had it in a long time but I got two pints (gotta love sales!) and I love it! Having a lower calorie and lower fat ice cream option that actually tastes good is great for when I want a treat but want to keep things fairly light. My favorite flavor is the peanut butter cup! If you have any flavor recommendations, please let me know!

And there you have it, my February top 5! I’m looking forward to another great month, and already can’t wait for my next monthly top 5! As always, if you liked this post, be sure to head to my homepage and subscribe to emails and follow me on Instagram @mainly.mackenzie!

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