Spring Break Vlog


Hi! Welcome back to my blog!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m seriously slacking on my goal to publish every Friday in April (I’ve missed two!!) so I wanted to get this up today to make up for my lack of posts!

A few weeks ago my roommate and I went to Edisto Island, South Carolina for our spring break and I decided to vlog it for you guys! It was such a fun trip and a great getaway from the craziness of school.

Midterms week was extremely stressful for me, so being able to relax at a quiet beach for a week was pure bliss. We spent most days shelling and looking for sand dollars and relaxing on the house’s crows nest reading and soaking up the sun.

I spent a good chunk of time working on this vlog so I would love if you checked it out! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading this post and watching my vlog! If you liked this post, be sure to head to my homepage and subscribe to emails and follow me on Instagram @mainly.mackenzie!

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