My May Top 5

Hey hey! Welcome back to my blog! Another month is here which means another top 5 is here!

May was an extremely busy month for me. I had the end of a semester, finals, and had to move out of my apartment which I’ve been in for the past two years. We had a 13-hour drive from North Carolina back to Rhode Island which was exhausting. Since I had so much going on in May, I wasn’t able to get very many blog posts up which was upsetting. I want to try and get back into planning and writing more posts in June.


Even though it was a bit of a stressful month, May was still pretty good for me! Here are five things I’ve been loving this past month:

1. DAY TRIP TO BOSTON3B5C884F-AC7D-4716-B18B-5E252E5F5822.JPG

We took a day trip to Boston at the end of May and spent the day exploring before finishing it off at a Red Sox game. It was such a fun day! We visited the Public Gardens, the Cheers bar, and explored the city. The Red Sox game was a great time too – we ate a lot (maybe even too much) good food and saw the Red Sox win!


I started watching the next season of The Bold Type on Hulu and I love it! I remember watching the show premiere a while ago back on TV and instantly knowing I was going to watch this until it ended. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend!


My favorite part of spring at Elon is when new ducklings are born! Ducklings made an appearance at school and my friend and I spent an afternoon following them like paparazzi taking so many pictures of them! They were the cutest and fluffiest little things!


I didn’t want to put two TV shows on this list, but I just couldn’t resist! Mitchell and I started watching Cheers together on Netflix and it’s so good! If you don’t know, Cheers is a popular sitcom that started in 1982. While kind of old, it’s a really good show! While in Boston we even made a stop at the Cheers bar for a picture!


I started a new workout program in May and I’ve been loving it! I’m currently halfway through the 8-week guide and it’s been really great so far. Sweat it to Shred It was created by YouTuber Sarah’s Day and it’s killer! It’s a similar style to Bikini Body Guide, but personally, I like it a little better. I plan on writing up a full review at the end of the 8 weeks!

And that’s my May top 5! None of my favorites are actual products or things, mainly because I didn’t really buy anything new in May haha!

What have you been loving lately? Let me know in a comment! Also, if you liked this post, be sure to head to my homepage and subscribe to emails and follow me on Instagram @mainly.mackenzie!


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