“Tackling Today” Free Printable!

Hello hello! Welcome back to the blog!

Something I love to do is plan out my days and make a to-do list in the morning. During the school year, I started sharing my to-do list on Instagram which was always so fun! Having a set to-do list or schedule helps you be way more productive throughout the day and get everything done.

If you’re someone who thrives off of organization and productivity or your someone who wishes they could get more stuff done throughout the day, writing down goals and tasks for the day is so helpful. Sometimes when I have a lot to do I can get really overwhelmed trying to do everything and remember what else needs to be done, so having it written down somewhere in front of me makes life way easier.

That’s why I created this fun printable to share with you today! This “tackling today” sheet has a schedule section, notes section, and top priorities section so you can fully plan out your day in one spot. Just print it out, fill it out with everything you need, and get on with your productive day!


To download your “Tackling Today” sheet, click here! If you download and use it, be sure to post a picture and tag me in it – I’d love to see this in use!

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