How to Actually Achieve Your Goals

Hi! Welcome back to my blog!

I know. It’s been a few weeks. August totally got away from me but now that I’m settled back in at school I’m working on planning out all of my content and am feeling more motivated than ever to keep publishing content for you guys! Anyway, back to the post!

We’ve all got goals. But sometimes, we may not know exactly how to achieve them or how to really set proper goals. I love to set goals for all sorts of things. I set yearly goals, monthly goals, semesterly goals for school, really just anything and everything!

So, today I’m sharing with you my top tips for actually achieving the goals you set!


Sometimes it can be daunting to say “I’m going to do this by ___” because you’re afraid you might not reach it by then. But not having a set time to try and reach your goal could cause you to forget about it completely or keep procrastinating actually working for it. If you don’t reach your goal by the time you originally set, that’s totally okay! It’s just having a “deadline” for your goal helps to keep you on track and keep you focused on working towards it.


If you write down your goals you will have a much better chance of actually achieving them. For one, you won’t forget that they exist because you have them on a tangible piece of paper. Also, if you have it written down somewhere that you look a lot like on a paper taped to your mirror or in the front of your journal, you’ll have constant reminders of it that will inspire you each day to keep working towards accomplishing it.


I know growing up we’re always told to reach for the stars – and you should! But if you want to set a goal and really work towards achieving it over a period of time, make sure it’s something obtainable. So, if you’re a high school student, setting a year-long goal to get a job and move across the world may not be the most obtainable one. But hey, if it is, then go set it!


If you’re someone who constantly sets goals but then gives up, try sharing your goals with someone else! Having a friend or family member with you on the journey to cheer you on will keep up your morale and help you stay motivated.


I know that after a while the excitement of goals can wear off and you may lose motivation. But if this is something you really want then stick with it! Once you accomplish your goal you will be so happy that you didn’t give up.

What’s your top tip for goal setting? Let me know in a comment below! Also, if you liked this post, be sure to head to my homepage and subscribe to emails and follow me on Instagram @mainly.mackenzie!   

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