At-Home Teeth Whitening With Smile Brilliant

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Today I’m sharing with you my latest secret weapon for white teeth — Smile Brilliant! I feel like I smile and laugh pretty much all the time, so having nice white teeth is a must! Like they say, you’re never fully dressed without a smile. Smile Brilliant gives you the professional whitening treatment at home and for a fraction of the cost. When they reached out to me to try their product, I was super interested from the get-go. Now that I’ve been using their whitening kit I love this brand even more! If you want to hear my thoughts about this product and see how you can get your hands on a free kit, keep reading until the end!

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The whitening process is so simple. First, you’ll have to make molds of your teeth so that Smile Brilliant can make you custom trays. They send you everything you need and give you super easy to follow instructions. Once you mail in your molds, they will make you your trays and mail them right to you — and it doesn’t take long at all! Then you’re good to whiten.

To whiten your teeth, first, brush with just water. Then take the whitening gel and put a line of it in each tray. After that just pop your trays in and you’re good to go for 45 minutes to 3 hours! I recommend starting out with 45 minutes and gradually increasing time to prevent sensitivity. 

Once your time is up, brush your teeth and rinse off your trays. Take the desensitizing gel and add that to the trays, and leave that in for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off your trays and you’re done! Try not to eat anything for at least 30 minutes afterward. I recommend whitening right before bed so you have many hours before you eat again! 


So the price of this kit is $149, which may seem a little pricey at first. But here’s the thing — it works so much better than any of the cheap whitening strips you can buy at the drugstore. Professional whitening treatments cost $500+, so this really is a great deal!

IMG_3350 2.JPG 


You guys, I absolutely love this whitening kit! I’ve used whitening strips in the past and they worked okay, but Smile Brilliant works so much better. It also covers all of your teeth instead of just the few front which is so nice. Using the kit is super simple, and you can just pop in the trays and get some things done while whitening. As a busy college student, it was super helpful to me because I could put in my trays and sit down and do my homework which was convenient. I really cannot recommend this kit enough, it’s so easy, works way better than any whitening strips I’ve used in the past, and best of all, I’ve had no sensitivity issues while using it!


From the first time I whitened, I could see a slight difference in my teeth! These are my results after about one month of whitening:


As you can see, my teeth were fairly white beforehand, but Smile Brilliant helped to make my teeth get even more white and glowy! 


To give you all a chance to get white teeth for FREE, Smile Brilliant is giving away a free kit to one lucky winner! Click here to head over to the giveaway and enter! If you don’t win, you still can get something fun! Use my discount code “MAINLYMACKENZIE15” for 15% off storewide! 

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