Ultimate Vacation Packing List

Hi! Welcome back to my blog!

At the time of writing this, I’ve got only one more week until I leave for spring break! I can’t wait to have a break from school for a week so I can relax and get ready for the final stretch before graduation. Since I’m about to leave for break, I felt inspired to make a travel post, and what better than an ultimate packing list!

Here’s a list of just about everything you need for a vacation. You can click here to download and print it out so you can make sure you get everything! Also, if you’re interested in my ultimate college packing list that I made a while back, click here!


I hope that you find this packing list to be helpful! Where’s your next trip to? Let me know in a comment below! Also, if you liked this post, be sure to click here to subscribe to emails and follow me on Instagram @successandselfcare!     

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