5 At-Home Workout Freebies for Quarantine

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With the coronavirus locking states and countries down, closing schools, restaurants, and gyms, we’ve all been stuck at home with not much to do. I know for me, working out is a big priority in my life to stay healthy and active. Now that I’m staying home 99% of the time, I’ve had to make the switch to at-home workouts, as I’m sure many of you had to do as well. Today I’ve rounded up all of the deals that have free at-home workouts for you to use while at home for the time being! I hope you find this helpful!


Les Mills offers tons of group fitness classes. These are the classes I usually take at my gym! They have a subscription streaming service for all of their classes, but they currently have a temporary site with access to 100+ of their classes for FREE! I’ve been using this to do the Body Combat class that they have on there. Click here to access it.


Peleton, known for their stationary bike and digital classes, has a digital app full of different workouts ranging from HIIT, Yoga, Core, and tons more. They’re currently offering an extended 90-day trial so you can workout at home. You do have to put in a credit card to sign up, so make sure to put a reminder to cancel before you get charged if you don’t want to continue your membership! Click here to access it.


Pure Barre on demand is offering an extended trial for their workout streaming service. When you go to sign up, add the promo code “EXTENDEDTRIAL” and it will automatically change your free trial from 7 days to 60 days! Similar to the Peleton app, it will charge you when it runs out so remember to set a reminder to cancel your membership before the end of the trial if you don’t want to continue! Click here to access it.


CorePower Yoga has a site of a handful of free yoga practices that you can access and view from home. It’s completely free and is updated weekly. Click here to access.


Planet Fitness is helping people out by live-streaming workouts every night at 7pm EST. Workouts are led by their certified personal trainers and are streamed on their Facebook page and are available to watch afterward on there and on YouTube. Click here to view their Facebook page. Click here to view their YouTube channel.

There are tons more freebies out there from different gyms and studios everywhere, these are just 5 of them! I hope that this was helpful to anyone struggling to find ways to stay active while home. Also, if you liked this post, be sure to click here to subscribe to emails and follow me on Instagram @successandselfcare! Stay healthy, stay safe, and STAY HOME if possible!

7 thoughts on “5 At-Home Workout Freebies for Quarantine

  1. Nice! I’ve been using Les Mills quite a bit during quarantine, and I’ve tried a few yoga sites. Did you find that CorePower yoga wasn’t super professional? Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, but the few I tried had terrible sound and didn’t seem all that “power”ful.


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