Quarantine At-Home Workout Routine

As you might already know, I’m very passionate about the gym and working out. I find it to be a great way to get some me-time and just do something good for myself. With gyms closing down, I’ve had to adjust and create a new workout routine that I can do at home.

If you’re used to going to the gym like me, you might be struggling to create a solid workout routine for the week to complete at home. I’m sharing with you how I plan my workouts right now so you can get some ideas and create your workout routine! Here’s my weekly workout routine right now:


If the weather permits, I’ve been going for a walk in the neighborhood with my family every day. This gives us a chance to actually leave the house and get some fresh air, as well as get our daily steps in. It’s so refreshing!


On Mondays, I’ve been doing Body Combat with Les Mills On Demand. I’m currently using the free website that they have up during the coronavirus pandemic which has 100+ workouts for NO COST! You can click here to access it.


Tuesday is abs day. I usually either follow along with an Instagram abs circuit (Whitney Simmons is my all-time favorite) or find an abs workout from Peleton. They are offering an extended free trial for their app so I’ve been using that. Their workouts are really challenging, but also really fun!

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On Wednesdays, I head back to Les Mills On Demand’s free site and do a Body Attack workout. This workout is very high intensity and challenging, but I absolutely love it. I always feel so great after I finish it, which is amazing because there’s no equipment and I just do it in my living room!


Leg day! Leg day is my favorite day. I almost always do a Whitney Simmons workout from her Instagram, or instead, I’ll find another Instagram leg workout. I have no equipment besides 8-pound weights so I’ve been trying to find bodyweight only workouts.


Friday is usually a free for all. I’ll sometimes take a rest day, do yoga, go for a run, really just see what I feel like doing that day.


Saturday usually depends on Friday. If I rest Friday, I’ll do something Saturday. If I do something Friday, I’ll probably rest Saturday. If I workout Saturday, it’s usually an arms workout from Instagram.


On Sundays, if I haven’t done arms yet, I’ll do it then. If I already have, then Sunday is yoga day! My weekends are kind of just “workout when you want doing whatever you want” so I usually find myself doing whatever workout I have left for the week on Sundays.

That’s my current at-home workout plan! Since I spend the entire day sitting at a desk or on the couch being lazy, I try to do something active every day. It helps me feel less sluggish and honestly just gives me something to do.

What’s your current workout routine during quarantine? Let me know in a comment! Also, if you liked this post, be sure to click here to subscribe to emails and follow me on Instagram @successandselfcare!

3 thoughts on “Quarantine At-Home Workout Routine

  1. thanks for sharing your routine! currently, i don’t have a workout routine, but this looks fab! i might have to implement one of my own! x

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