7 Small Changes to Make to Live a Healthier Life

We all want to be healthier, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Making a few small changes can quickly add up and help make a big difference in your life. Today I’m sharing 7 small changes you can make in order to live a healthier life both physically and mentally. Whether you implement one or all seven of these tips, you will definitely notice some changes in your life, which is great!

1. Fill a glass of water when you make a cup of coffee

Coffee is great, but it can be a little dehydrating. A simple way to enjoy coffee while still getting enough water is so fill a glass of water whenever you make coffee. That way once you finish your coffee you have a glass of water already waiting for you and you don’t have to worry! This can also be done if you’re drinking any alcoholic drinks. It helps keep you hydrated and can also help you from drinking too much and regretting it the next day.

2. Opt to take the stairs if you are able

If you’re physically able to, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It doesn’t take that much more effort, and helps you get in some extra steps and elevate your heart rate a little bit.

3. Toss a handful of spinach in your smoothies

When making a smoothie for breakfast or as a snack, toss in some greens! You won’t be able to taste it and you’ll be adding in a great source of nutrients to your meal/snack. A good smoothie recipe that uses spinach is to throw a banana, spinach, nut butter, milk, and chocolate protein power into your blender and blending that all up. Try it, you’ll thank me later.

4. Pack your lunch when you go to work/school

Sure, if you go out for a meal you can find a healthy option, but how likely are you to choose it? If you want to cut down on your spending while also eating meals where you know exactly what is in it, try packing your lunch.

5. Unfollow people online who promote diet culture

Be conscious of what you consume online and in the media. Many people can promote diet culture without even really realizing it. If you see anyone who promotes the sentiment that skinny = healthy and fat = unhealthy or gives off a vibe that doesn’t make you feel good, unfollow them. Don’t watch that TV show. Don’t read that magazine.

6. Park farther away

If you’re physically able to, try parking further away when you’re at a store or out to eat. It’s a small thing that will help you get a few extra steps in that day. Plus, you’ll be leaving more spaces up front for someone who may need it!

7. Set a “no electronics” time every day

Set a time every day where you won’t use any electronics. Use this time to read or to practice a hobby you love or even just to go on a walk. Giving yourself time away from screens will help you physically by stopping eye strain or motivating you to do something active, and can help you mentally by giving you a way to set boundaries and hop off social media for a while.

These small changes will help you start living a healthier life little by little. What other habits have you started including in your life to be a little bit healthier? Let me know in a comment! Also, if you liked this post, be sure to click here to subscribe to emails and follow me on Instagram @successandselfcare!  

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