45 Habits to Create a Healthier Life

We all want to be healthier. Making a lot of small changes will make a bigger difference in the long run because they add up and will help you create a more consistent lifestyle. Here are 45 simple habits to live a healthier life!

  1. Go for a walk after dinner
  2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day
  3. Go to sleep before midnight
  4. Cut soda from your daily diet
  5. Drink green tea
  6. Incorporate veggies into every meal
  7. Eat more beans and lentils
  8. Have a set morning routine
  9. Snack on fruit
  10. Eat a handful of nuts every day
  11. Read for 10 minutes before bed
  12. Find a workout routine that makes you excited
  13. Wear sunscreen daily
  14. Try to move every day
  15. Repeat daily affirmations
  16. Plan out your meals ahead of time
  17. Save dinner leftovers for lunches
  18. Take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator
  19. Park further back when going to a store
  20. Let yourself be sad and cry when you need to
  21. Eat more whole grains
  22. Aim to eat whole fruits instead of drinking juice
  23. Take daily vitamins
  24. Listen to your body and stop eating when full
  25. Take rest days
  26. Take social media detoxes regularly
  27. Laugh more
  28. Call your friends/loved ones often
  29. Say “I love you” to someone daily
  30. Have a consistent skin care routine
  31. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day on the weekends
  32. Get outside every day
  33. Clean your work space every day
  34. See a doctor for regular check-ups
  35. Make your coffee at home instead of going out
  36. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go
  37. Stretch every day
  38. Practice gratitude
  39. Put your phone away 20 minutes before bed
  40. Take your makeup off every night
  41. Stand up and move around after sitting for long periods
  42. Eat breakfast every day
  43. Get less takeout
  44. Create to-do lists
  45. Do more yoga

Starting some of these habits and incorporating them into your daily life will help kickstart a health journey! Which habits are you wanting to start? Comment below! Also if you liked this post, be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter here and follow me on Instagram so you can stay up to date with all things Success and Self-Care!

8 thoughts on “45 Habits to Create a Healthier Life

  1. Wow these are some great tips! I really want to start a healthy way of life and will add all of these to a checklist.


  2. Great post! I’d like to work on adding more veggies to my diet, which is something I’m really bad at. Also getting outside everyday and getting some movement in!


  3. These are such good ideas! I definitely want to have a better morning routine and read more this year: they’re such good habits to implement!

    Hanne || losingthebusyness.wordpress.com


  4. These are really good easy things to do for a healthy life . I’m proud to say that I do most of these and will probably add a few more .


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