23 Goal Ideas for 2023

Achieving goals can be super exciting and rewarding, but sometimes figuring out what goals to actually set can be daunting. But that’s what I’m here for! Today I’m sharing 23 goal ideas for 2023 to help you improve yourself and create a life you love!

  1. Create a workout schedule and stick to it
  2. Go for daily walks after dinner
  3. Eat at least one balanced meal every day
  4. Go to sleep before midnight every night
  5. Have a skincare routine and do it every morning & night
  6. Create a gratitude list every morning
  7. Improve presentation & communication skills
  8. Get a new certification in your work field
  9. Update your LinkedIn & Resume
  10. Have a set date night with your significant other every week
  11. Get up right away when the alarm goes off
  12. Have a self-care day every week
  13. Learn a new recipe once a month
  14. Drink 100oz of water every day
  15. Read more books than you did in 2022
  16. Take a planned social media break
  17. Travel more (even just day trips)
  18. Start putting your mental health first
  19. Spend more time with family
  20. Make new friends
  21. Save $1,000 (or whatever number you choose)
  22. Pay off your debt
  23. Learn a new language

If you want to set new goals for the year but aren’t sure where to start, I hope this list helped inspire you! What goals are you setting? Let me know in a comment below! Also if you liked this post, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter here and follow me on Instagram so you can stay up to date with all things Success and Self-Care!

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